Rebuilding lives in our community

Homelessness often remains hidden in a suburban borough like Spelthorne but there are people in desperate need of help.


Personal tragedy or sudden catastrophic change can strike anyone at any time and if you fall outside the welfare safety net there is often nowhere else to turn.

In addition to helping clients to get a roof over their heads, Spelthorne Rentstart also tries to ensure tenants have the best chance of maintaining a trouble free tenancy by offering ongoing tenancy support services for the duration of the lease.


Can we help

Are you Homeless and need help to find somewhere to stay tonight?

Do you need somewhere to live? We offer support and advice to help you find private rented accommodation and may be able to help with the deposit.

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We offer a range of free services to landlords to help you let your property. The Deposit Guarantee scheme gives peace of mind and we also provide ongoing tenancy support.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2018-19

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy