Do you have a property to let? We'll let your property for free and provide you with a Deposit Guarantee.

Making it easier for landlords

  • We save you money in advertising and agency fees
  • Refer prospective tenants to you
  • Provide advice on tenancy agreements and an inventory of accommodation
  • Provide on-going tenancy advice and support
  • Provide a Deposit Guarantee Bond to secure the tenancy
  • Encourage tenants to save towards their deposit
  • Keep track of housing benefit claims
  • Act as a mediator if a dispute arises

We're always looking for new landlords with property to let who could benefit from our services.

Getting started

  • Offer us your property to let
  • Benefit from a steady source of tenants
  • Enjoy higher occupancy rates
  • Get involved with a local charity and feel that you have contributed to something worthwhile
  • Earn tax free income from renting out a room in your home, thanks to a government initiative to encourage people to take in lodgers.

Read more about the Rent-A-Room Scheme on the government's website.