Rebuilding lives in our community

Homelessness often remains hidden in a suburban borough like Spelthorne but there are people in desperate need of help

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Do you need somewhere to live? We offer support and advice to help you find private rented accommodation and may be able to help with the deposit.

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We offer a range of free services to landlords to help you let your property. The Deposit Guarantee scheme gives peace of mind and we also provide ongoing tenancy support.

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Our Service

We support people in temporary and more stable accommodation by offering advice and support to maintain and sustain their tenancies.

Once we have housed an individual we will support them throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Once an individual is referred to the team, either by our partners or Spelthorne Council, the team will assess the most suitable accommodation for them. The type of accommodation will depend on the person’s specific background and needs. The Homelessness Star is used to assess needs, set goals and track progress.

As soon as the client has moved into their accommodation, a Tenancy Support Officer will work with the client to provide a tailored support package to until they are ready for independent living. Working closely with the other services, the type of support available can vary from budgeting to access to employment and training.

Case Study X

Client X came to us having resided at the same property for 24 years. His landlord had served him with a section 21 notice to leave, as he was retiring and wished to sell the property. The Client approached the council for alternative housing but they did not have anything suitable but advised him to stay in the property until the landlord had obtained a court order. A failure to remain at the property would make him ‘intentionally homeless’ and would mean that he would forfeit any future assistance from the council.

Client has a learning disability and was in receipt of ESA and had no savings. Most fundamentally, he did not have a social worker or any support network. He was extremely worried and anxious that he would be made street homeless. We were able to source suitable accommodation which he moved into just before Christmas.

Once safely housed, we assisted with applying for Universal Credit and setting up direct payments to the landlord to remove the burden from the client. We also set up council tax and amenities for him. We are supporting the client with his Personal Independence Payment application and continue to work intensely with him to make sure that his tenancy succeeds.

Case Study Z

Client Z contacted us following a period of homelessness of over two years following a relationship breakdown of 9 years due to emotional and physical abuse. He had been trying to find somewhere to live since, but had had no luck. He was informed that social housing was a two year wait even though he is classed as a vulnerable adult and had submitted medical evidence – he is transgender, suffers from anxiety and depression and broadline personality disorder. Client Z could not take medication due to his transition. Indeed, he was given the option to do one or the other and told us that his transition came first.  We were pleased to house client in a one-bedroom flat.  Our wrap around service included assistance with cannabis smoking and his debts. He was referred to Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and Step Change for debt advice. CAP attended his property and went through all the documents and interest rates were frozen and debt repayment plans set up. He was referred to Catalyst for assistance with his cannabis use but wished to see if he could manage to wean himself off this first. Overall, he is doing well and engaging with the project.

Our residents whom you have helped are really grateful and say what a load it has taken off of their shoulders when you have given them help”.

Cllr Sue Doran

“An excellent and very useful interface between landlords and those tenants who require financial assistance and guidance to regain entry into the rental market” 

David Rosenheim

“Honestly do not know what I would have done without you, I was just so fed up with  sleeping in the van but thank you to you guys for all that you have done. I am so grateful and would be absolutely nowhere without you”

Daniel Client

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